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Available Services Detail
Quick Care Playtime or Dog Walking
$25 - 35 per visit *
This service is designed for the busy professional, the day traveler, or the PetParent who wants more free time.  15 to 20 minute visit – gives your pet the chance to take a break, play and exercise when you can’t be there.  Great for puppies being crate trained.

In Home Pet Care
$25 - 35 per visit *
Need to take a quick business trip or want to “Get Away” for a few days?  This service offers quality pet care at an affordable rate.  Leave your pet in the comfort of its own home, give your house the “at home” appearance while you are gone.  2+ Visits per day recommended

Minimum 15 minute pet walk or play time
Feed and/or administer any needed medications
Daily Text or Email update with picture
Collect mail & newspapers, water plants
Rotate lighting 
Clean pet areas

Overnight Pet Care
$100 - 125 per night
Is your pet scared of the dark?  Do you feel more secure if your home is occupied overnight?  We have an answer for both you and your pet.  

An afternoon/evening visit (same as In Home Pet Care)
A pre-bedtime walk or playtime
An 8 hour stay-over (10PM – 6AM)
A morning walk or playtime
A morning feeding and medications/treats given

Cat Care Service
$25 per visit *
Cat Care Service is available for the cat owner who needs to have their feline friend checked on once per day. 
Service includes:

Once per day feeding
Refresh water
Scoop litter box
Cat play or snuggle time

*Pricing based on 1-2 pet household.  A nominal additional charge may apply for Multi-pet homes or added customized services.  Special discounts may apply for regularly scheduled reoccurring services.  We reserve the right to refuse service for aggressive animals.   For additional information and rates please contact: 
DFW Pet Nanny
Robbie Thomason